Peace Village

Mission: Peace Village, Inc. 501c3, is a national organization which develops curriculum and creates settings in which nonviolence is taught to children and adults. We emphasize multi-racial, multi-cultural, inter-faith appreciation and the shared depth of our humanity. We envision an ever widening village in which conflicts are resolved through mutual respect and patient negotiation.

Peace Village began in 1996, in Lincoln City, Oregon, as a summer day-camp to teach nonviolence to children ages 6 to 13. The curriculum includes meditation, media literacy, yoga, non-violent conflict resolution, ecology, art, and rites of passage. To learn mutual respect, students sit at the feet of teachers from an array of religious traditions. Today, there are 22 Villages in 10 states.

Build a Peace Village is a 5-day curriculum package for communities in need of a relevant theme for their summer programs. It includes ready-to-use lesson plans, sample schedules, stories and activities to teach children, ages 6-13, how to be peacemakers in the midst of conflict—at home, at school, in the world.

Peace Out is a curriculum developed over 7 years at the Peace Village charter school program in Eugene, Oregon.  The curriculum offers concrete skills for conflict resolution, history of nonviolent movements in the U.S. and world-wide, civic engagement and youth empowerment.  Peace Out curriculum is available for purchase (contact Darren Reiley, 541 337 6917).

Fields of Peace, an adult program inaugurated in 2009, is a national network of faith communities committed to emphasizing the message of peace and nonviolence. Participation is open to all faiths, including Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Native American, Taoist, and others.


If you have an interest in hosting a Peace Village summer camp, or ordering Build a Peace Village curriculum, contact Wintry Whitt-Smith,           503 853 0799

For information on Peace Out, contact Darren Reiley,  541.337.6917

To participate in Fields of Peace, contact Charles and Cathey Busch,  541.921 3574

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