About Fields of Peace

Fields of Peace offers:

Listening: We want to know what we can provide to help your faith community teach peace and practice nonviolence. We also want to know what peace programs you have created which can be shared with other participating congregations.

Conversation: We will provide channels—web, e-mail, mailings, blog, gatherings—by which Fields of Peace communities can converse, exchange ideas, combine efforts and meet one another.

Content: We will mail periodic Field Notes:
-Stories for use in sermons, teaching, newsletters
-Briefs from the hidden history of nonviolence
-Recommendations for the daily practice of nonviolence
-Peace quotes
-Books, movies and events of interest to peace makers
-Biographical sketches of peace heroes
-News from other Fields of Peace communities
DVD’s for use in discussion groups

Availability: Program Director, Charles Busch is available for presentations, pulpit supply and (with Cathey Busch) workshops.

To learn more about Charles and Cathey Busch click here.

To learn more about one-day workshops click here.


Fields of Peace is provided, without cost to participants, by Peace Village Inc. Donations are welcome.

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